Gothenburg, Sweden, 2014

Monday September 1

Introductory session
Chair: Mikael Lilje

Welcome – Mats Viberg, First Vice President of Chalmers University of Technology

Opening of the meeting – Niels Andersen, chairman NKG Presidium
Local organising committee (pdf) – Jan Johansson/Mikael Lilje
Scientific committee (pdf) – Jonas Ågren

Invited talk: Climate Change – the State of Science (pdf; 5.1 MB), Deliang Chen, Professor at Gothenburg University, one of the lead authors of IPCC Assessment Report 5.

Reports from the Working Groups

NKG Presidium report (pdf) – Niels Andersen

Presentation of the United Nations initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) and proposed UN resolution on Global Geodetic Reference Frame (pdf), Laila Løvhøiden. See also the film On Geodesy and the Global Geodetic Reference Frame (opens in new window).

National reports

Popular Science lecture: Where on Earth are we? Using sun, stars, moons and satellites for mapping the Nordic countries 1500 – 2000, Martin Ekman

Tuesday September 2

Session on Geoid and Height Systems
Chair: Jonas Ågren

A Harmonized Vertical Reference System for the Baltic Sea (pdf), Jyrki Mononen

Report from the on-going project to compute the new NKG2014 geoid model (pdf), Jonas Ågren, Gabriel Strykowski, Mirjam Bilker-Koivula, Ove Omang, Silja Märdla, Tõnis Oja, Ivars Aleksejenko, Eimuntas Paršeliūnas, Lars E. Sjöberg, René Forsberg, Janis Kaminskis

Investigations towards the NKG2014 geoid model in Estonia (pdf; 4.9 MB), Silja Märdla, Tõnis Oja, Artu Ellmann

DTU Space: Marine Gravity Measurements in Denmark, Greenland and beyond (pdf; 4.9 MB), G. Strykowski, R. Forsberg, H. Skourup, J. E. Nielsen, I. Einarsson and A. V. Olesen

Fjords, lakes and marine gravity measurements (pdf; 16.9 MB), Ove Christian Dahl Omang

A comparison of methods for regional gravity field modeling: Closed-loop simulations and regularization (pdf; 2.7 MB), Vegard Ophaug

Invited: The Development of Physical Geodesy during 1984-2014 – A personal view (pdf), Lars E. Sjöberg

A mascon adjustment of the Earth’s gravity field using gradiometer data (pdf; 1,8 MB), E. Mysen

A new updated empirical land uplift model (pdf; 8.1 MB), Olav Vestøl, Jonas Ågren, Tarmo Kall, Ivars Aleksejenko, Eimuntas Paršeliūnas, Andres Rüdja

Session on Geodynamics
Chair: Matthew Simpson

Absolute gravity observations conducted under harsh conditions (pdf; 1.2 MB), Kristian Breili, Ove Christian Dahl Omang

Five years of gravity measurement at Onsala Space Observatory: The absolute scale (pdf; 4.1 MB), Hans-Georg Scherneck, Andreas Engfeldt, Per-Anders Olsson, Ludger Timmen

A New Fennoscandian Crustal Thickness Model (pdf; 2.8 MB), Mohammad Bagherbandi, Robert Tenzer, Lars E. Sjöberg, Majid Abrehdary

Surficial geology indicates early Holocene faulting and seismicity (pdf; 1.9 MB), central Sweden, Colby A. Smith

Twenty one years of search for the true crustal deformation in Fennoscandia from the BIFROST project (pdf; 2.9 MB), Jan M. Johansson, Tong Ning, Hans-Georg Scherneck, Gunnar Elgered, Martin Lidberg, Gunnar Hedling, Lotti Jivall, Markku Poutanen, Hannu Koivula, Halfdan Kierulf, Oddgeir Kristiansen

NKG201xGIA – a model of glacial isostatic adjustment for Fennoscandia (pdf; 5.4 MB), Holger Steffen, Valentina R. Barletta, Karin Kollo, Glenn A. Milne, Maaria Nordman, Per-Anders Olsson, Matthew J.R. Simpson, Lev Tarasov

Towards an improved Glacial Isostatic Adjustment model for Fennoscandia: Quantifying Earth model uncertainty using decay time estimates from Ångermanland (pdf; 2.1 MB), Maaria Nordman, Glenn A. Milne, Lev Tarasov

Investigations of the relation between gravity and vertical displacement change rates in formerly glaciated areas (pdf; 1.4 MB), Per-Anders Olsson, Glenn Milne, Hans-Georg Scherneck, Jonas Ågren

A GNSS velocity field for Fennoscandia and a consistent comparison to glacial isostatic adjustment models (pdf; 5.3 MB), Halfdan Pascal Kierulf, Holger Steffen, Matthew Simpson, Martin Lidberg

The Verification Of GIA In Estonia Using GNSS Data (pdf; 2.0 MB), Karin Kollo, Tõnis Oja , Priit Pihlak

Poster Session

See the poster list below.

Wednesday September 3

“Reference frames, Positioning and Navigation”
– joint seminar of Nordic Geodetic Commission, Nordic Institute of Navigation and the Swedish Radionavigeringsnämnden on high accuracy positioning and navigation
Chairs: Anna Jensen, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden, and Jan Johansson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Keynote: Galileo Commercial Service, status and plans (pdf; 3.0 MB), Ignacio Fernández-Hernández, European Commission, Belgium

Keynote: The International Terrestrial Reference Frame: current status and future developments (pdf; 1.2 MB), Zuheir Altamimi, Institut Géographique National, France

The real-time ionosphere monitoring service of the NMA (pdf; 3.9 MB), Knut Stanley Jacobsen

High latitude scintillation monitoring (pdf; 4.6 MB), Yngvild L. Andalsvik

CAT II/III GBAS Implementation Challenges (pdf; 1.2 MB), Nadezda Sokolova, Aiden Morrison

Monitoring EGNOS performance in Norway (pdf; 1.6 MB), Anders Martin Solberg

Tests with RTK and PPP on board ships (pdf), Gunnar Hedling, Johan Sunna, Ulf Olsson

Balanced Least Absolute Value Estimator and its applications in navigation problems (pdf; 1.1 MB), Milan Horemuz. See also Horemuz M and Zhao Y (2014): Motion of moving camera from point matches: comparison of two robust estimation methods (opens in new window). IET Computer Vision, E-first.

Branch antennas improve satellite acquisition under forest canopies (pdf; 4.0 MB), Sten Bergstrand, Erik Steinmetz

How does radio-frequency interference (RFI) influence network RTK? – Results of a field test in Norway (pdf; 5.2 MB), Christian Rost, Tor-Ole Dahlø, Åsmund Skjæveland, Roger Hougen, Anders Rødningsby

Autonomous Detection of Electromagnetic Interference in the GPS band (pdf; 2.0 MB), Björn Gabrielsson, Patrik Eliardsson, Mikael Alexandersson, Kia Wiklundh, Peter Stenumgaard, Gunnar Hedling, Anders Frisk, Peter Wiklund

ITS Applications: Precision Asset Positioning and Monitoring in Degraded GNSS Signal Environments (pdf; 1.1 MB), Aiden Morrison, Nadezda Sokolova, Trond Arve Haakonsen

Thinning the branches of the GNSS decision tree (pdf; 2.4 MB), Sten Bergstrand, Per Jarlemark, Jan Johansson

Adapting Network RTK for Civil Engineering Purposes (pdf), Johan Vium Andersson

Panel discussion: “User needs for GNSS at high latitudes”
5 minute presentations by each panel member followed by discussions based on questions/comments from audience and the moderator.

Moderator: Kristian Keller, National Geodata Agency, Denmark

Panel members:

Thursday September 4

Session on Reference Frames and Geodetic Infrastructure
Chair: Pasi Häkli

Report from the project “NKG GNSS analysis centre” (pdf; 1.4 MB), Lotti Jivall, Tina Kempe, Christina Lilje, Sonja Nyberg, Pasi Häkli, Karin Kollo, Priit Pihlak, Mette Weber, Ksenija Kosenko, Þórarinn Sigurðsson, Guðmundur Valsson, Dalia Prizginiene, Eimuntas Paršeliūnas, Oddvar Tangen

Modernization of the Finnish Permanent GNSS Network FinnRef and its open positioning service (pdf; 2.4 MB), H. Koivula, S. Nyberg, J. Kuokkanen, S. Marila, A. Laaksonen, P. Kangas, P. Häkli, U. Kallio, T. Tenhunen, M. Poutanen

SWEPOS® Status and future development (pdf; 2.3 MB), Peter Wiklund, Gunnar Hedling, Lotti Jivall, Martin Lidberg

From Passive to Active Control Point Networks – Evaluation of Accuracy in Static GPS Surveying (pdf; 4.7 MB), Pasi Häkli, Ulla Kallio, Jyrki Puupponen

HMK – Swedish handbook in surveying and mapping (pdf), Anders Alfredsson, Johan Sunna, Lars Jämtnäs

Sea level observations using multi-system GNSS reflectometry (pdf; 16.8 MB), Johan S. Löfgren, Rüdiger Haas

Progress on the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s GEOSAT software development project (pdf), Laila Løvhøiden

VLBI Analysis with Geosat (pdf; 1.7 MB), Ann-Silje Kirkvik

Observation of GLONASS satellites with VLBI (pdf; 1.6 MB), Rüdiger Haas, Simon Casey, Jun Yang, Ivan Marti-Vidal, Alexander Neidhardt, Christian Plötz, Jan Kodet, Sergei Progobenko, Dmitry Duev, Lucia Plank

Experience from geodetic VLBI observations at Onsala using a digital backend (pdf; 4.5 MB), Niko Kareinen, Rüdiger Haas

Closing session
Chair: Niels Andersen

Resolutions (pdf) and Elections (pdf)

Poster presentations

Geoid and Height systems

Review of current and near-future levelling technology (pdf; 4.7 MB), Olav Vestøl, Per-Ola Eriksson, Casper Jepsen, Kristian Keller, Jaakko Mäkinen, Veikko Saaranen, Guðmundur Valsson, Olav Hoftuft

Investigations for the requirements for a 5 mm geoid model – a project status report (pdf; 7.3 MB), Lars E. Sjöberg, Jonas Ågren

Improving the Baltic Sea geoid model by marine gravity measurements in the FAMOS project (pdf; 3.4 MB), Jonas Ågren, Günter Liebsch, Jaakko Mäkinen, Christoph Förste, Martin Lidberg, Hartmut Wziontek, Markku Poutanen, Mirjam Bilker-Koivula, Benjamin Hell, Gabriel Strykowski

Evaluation of GOCE- and GRACE-based global geoid models in Finnish territory (pdf; 1.8 MB), T. Saari & M. Bilker-Koivula

Utilization and Quality Control of State-of-the-art Digital Elevation Data (pdf), Thomas Knudsen

Swedish municipalities implementing the new national height system RH 2000 (pdf), Christina Kempe, Linda Alm, Fredrik Dahlström, Lars E. Engberg, Jakob Jansson

Latvian digital zenith camera in test applications (pdf), Jānis Kaminskis, Inese Janpaule, Ansis Zariņš, Markus Rothacher

The updated Danish Elevation Model (DK-DEM) – from procurement to distribution (pdf; 3.2 MB), Gitte Rosenkranz


Status report from the ongoing work with the new Swedish Gravity System RG2000 (pdf; 2.4 MB), Andreas Engfeldt

Five years of gravity measurement at Onsala Space Observatory: The superconducting gravimeter, Hans-Georg Scherneck

Regional 21st century sea-level projections for Norway based on IPCC AR5 science, Matthew James Ross Simpson, Kristian Breili, Halfdan Pascal, Oda Roaldsdotter Ravndal

Observed secular gravity trend at Onsala station with the FG5 gravimeters from Gävle and Hannover (pdf; 2.9 MB), Ludger Timmen, Andreas Engfeldt, Olga Gitlein, Hans-Georg Scherneck

Evaluating the calibration of Scintrex CG-5 spring gravimeters in Estonia (pdf), T. Oja, K. Türk, H. Jürgenson

Land uplift at Kvarken archipelago and High Coast UNESCO World Heritage area (pdf; 2.0 MB), Markku Poutanen, Holger Steffen

Current status of the EPOS WG4 – GNSS and Other Geodetic Data (pdf), M. Lidberg, R.M.S. Fernandes, L.C. Bastos, C. Bruyninx, N. D’Agostino, J. Dousa, A. Ganas

Tide Gauge Data Revisited, Per Knudsen

On the relation between Moho and sub-crustal stress induced by mantle convection (pdf), Mehdi Eshagh

Ocean tide, Baltic Sea and atmospheric loading tilt modelling compared with interferometric tilt measurements in Lohja, southern Finland, Hannu Ruotsalainen, Jaakko Mäkinen, Maaria Nordman, Jenni Virtanen, Heikki Virtanen

Joint seminar of NKG, NNF and RNN

Accuracy studies of the open positioning service offered by the FinnRef network, S. Marila, J. Kuokkanen, H. Koivula, S. Nyberg, P. Häkli, U. Kallio, A. Laaksonen

Improving the vertical datum at sea: Towards vessel navigation in 3D space (pdf), Benjamin Hell, Jonas Ågren, Lars Jakobsson, Wilfried Ellmer

Initial Results of the Assessment of a modern geodetic reference receiver vulnerability to intentional jamming, Björn Gabrielsson, Patrik Eliardsson, Mikael Alexandersson, Kia Wiklundh, Gunnar Hedling, Anders Frisk, Peter Wiklund, Peter Stenumgaard

Metrology for long distance surveying, Sten Bergstrand, JRP SIB60 Consortium

Monitoring systems set new standards for tribrach performance (pdf; 1.4 MB), Sten Bergstrand, Rüdiger Haas, Wolfgang Lehner

Simulation of reflected signals in city-scape environments, Jakob Jakobsen, Anna B. O. Jensen

Reference Frames and Geodetic Infrastructure

The Greenland GPS network (GNET), Shfaqat Abbas Khan, Finn Bo Madsen, Per Knudsen

Establishment of an Official Tide Gauge Station at the Onsala Space Observatory (pdf; 2.2 MB), Gunnar Elgered, Rüdiger Haas

Renewal of Metsähovi fundamental station, Markku Poutanen, Mirjam Bilker-Koivula, Ulla Kallio, Hannu Koivula, Jaakko Mäkinen, Jyri Näränen, Arttu Raja-Halli, Heikki Virtanen, Nataliya Zubko

New satellite laser ranging system to Metsähovi, Finland, Arttu Raja-Halli, Jyri Näränen, Markku Poutanen

The NKG2008 GPS Campaign – final results including transformation parameters, Pasi Häkli, Lotti Jivall, Martin Lidberg, Torbjørn Nørbech, Oddvar Tangen, Karsten Engsager, Mette Weber, Priit Pihlak, Ivars Aleksejenko and Eimuntas Paršeliūnas

Recommendation for the Public Administration 184 (JHS184): Measuring control points in EUREF-FIN reference frame, Pasi Häkli, Markku Poutanen, Hannu Koivula, Ulla Kallio, Sonja Nyberg, Marko Ollikainen, Pekka Tätilä, Reino Ruotsalainen, Jyrki Puupponen, Kimmo Junttila, Matti Holopainen

Optimization of Lilla Edet Land Slide GPS Monitoring Network (pdf), Mohammad Amin Alizadeh-Khameneh, Mehdi Eshagh, Lars E. Sjöberg

Two-epoch optimal design of displacement monitoring networks (pdf), Mehdi Eshagh, Mohammad Amin Alizadeh-Khameneh

New Developments in the SWEPOS Network (pdf; 1.9 MB), Gunnar Hedling, Peter Wiklund, Anders Frisk, Martin Håkansson, Martin Lidberg, Lotti Jivall, Mikael Lilje, Ragne Emardson, Per Jarlemark, Jan Johansson

Comparison of Vienna Mapping Function (VMF1) and Global mapping Function (GMF) for NKG GNSS AC (pdf), Lotti Jivall