GNSS Positioning

Agenda for NKG Science week and Working Group for GNSS positioning (pdf)

3/13 Wednesday

Session 1: WG GNSS positioning


  • Topi Rikkinen Online: CORS data flow in NKG – interesting picks (pdf)
  • Kent Ohlson: Support for BeiDou in SWEPOS network RTK service – Results from test measurements in different surveying environments as a basis for advice and guidelines for users of SWEPOS network RTK service (pdf)
  • Simo Marila – Online ATKO-project – Crowd-sourced boundary marker positioning (pdf)
  • Casper Jepsen: Norm for RTK sevices in Denmark and status for services right now (pdf)
  • Kent Ohlsson or Lars Jämtnäs – Guidelines for RTK (15 min and some Discussion) (pdf)
  • Anders Frisk – Monitoring of RTK (10 -15 min + discussion about commen future coorporation) (pdf)
  • Casper Jepsen and Peter Wiklund – NMA role as service provider and how to prepare for the mass market (Discussion) (pdf)

Session 2: R&D Transformation and GNSS positioning (Joint session with WGRF)


  • Pasi Häkli: Quick and dirty to NKG transformation (pdf)
  • Kristian Evers: Some loose thoughts on simplifying transformation parameter derivation (pdf)
  • Christian Brønnum: GeoRust rinex and GNSS data handling (pdf)
  • Kibrom Abraha (online): New SWEPOS post-processing calculation service – An e-service that calculates position for submitted static GNSS measurements (pdf)
  • Michael Dähnn: Galileo High Accuracy Service performance (pdf)
  • Kent Ohlson: Experience and learnings from the DINPAS project – Generation of SSR corrections using GNSMART and results from dynamic positioning tests based on SSR corrections (pdf)
  • Magdalena Golofit (online): Danish National Galileo Overlay – Dango (pdf)
  • Discussion on joint activities

National Reports:

3/14 Thursday

Session 3: Jamming and spoofing


  • Tor-Ole Dahlø: Status from NMA «store Chefmøde» group on Cybersecurity, interference and vulnerability (pdf)
  • Zahidul Bhuiyan– Online: FGI projects related to jamming & spoofing & resilience (pdf)
  • Kibrom Abraha: SWEPOS GNSS signal disturbance monitoring system – Status and future development plans (pdf)
  • Søren Reime Larsen: Danish Result from Jamming Test 2023 (pdf)
  • Carl Ellington: Statens Kartverk – Jamming test 2023 (pdf)
  • Oscar Isoz -Online: RISE results from Jammertest 2023 (pdf)
  • Toni Hammerberg – Online: OSNMA in spoofing detection and positioning in practice (pdf)
  • Casper Jepsen: Discussion on how to proceed with Jamming activities

Session 4: Space weather and ionosphere


  • Martin Håkansson: Modernization of the SWEPOS Ionospheric monitor for the next solar maximum (pdf)
  • Sarah Schultz Beeck: SWADO – Towards real-time GNSS alerts for the Arctic (pdf)
  • Simo Marila – Online: Experience from solar maximum 25 (so far) (pdf)
  • Mika Saajasto – Online: Convolutional neural network based approach for estimating ionospheric delay from GNSS observables (pdf)
  • Sarah Schultz Beeck – BiScEF – A new format for archiving and sharing scintillation data (pdf)
  • Discussion on method used in the calculation
  • Scientific approach or the user perceptive