Working Groups

Working Groups 

The work within NKG has mainly been done through working groups decided at the NKG General Assembly. Most working groups have at least an annual meeting. Most common is the co-location of the meeting between some working groups to give the possibility to discuss mutual questions. These meetings are open for everyone and held in an informal way. The result is normally mutual agreement and minutes from the meetings. Within the working groups also project oriented tasks are important. These projects do have meetings more frequently

NKG has the following working groups:

WG of Geodynamics and Earth Observation

Chairperson: Holger Steffen, Sweden
e-mail: holger.steffen [at]

WG of Future Height System and Geoid

Chairperson: Ove Christian Dahl Omang, Norway
e-mail: Ove.Christian.Dahl.Omang [at]

WG of Future Positioning Services and Applications

Chairperson: NN, Denmark

WG of Reference Frames

Chairperson: Pasi Häkli, Finland.
e-mail: pasi.hakli [at]