Geodynamics and Earth Observation

Working group of Geodynamics – General

Holger Steffen, Lantmäteriet, Sweden, is the chair of the working group.

The working group keywords are:

  • Absolut gravimetry/Relative gravity/Superconducting gravimetry/Satellite gravimetry
  • Temporal variation in gravity
  • Crustal deformation, Tectonic processes, Surface loading
  • Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (Land uplift, Postglacial rebound, Corresponding sea-level change, Glacially triggered faulting)
  • InSAR: Application, Active transponder/Corner reflector networks
  • Environmental effects in geodetic observations, e.g. gravimetry, GNSS
  • Models of Land uplift, Glacial Isostatic Adjustment, 3D velocity field and Strain rates

National contact persons:


Chairperson: Holger Steffen, Lantmäteriet
e-mail: holger.steffen [at]


Halfdan Pascal Kierulf, Kartverket
e-mail: HalfdanPascal.Kierulf [at]


Gabriel Strykowski, The National Space Institute, Technical University of Denmark
e-mail: gs [at]


Mirjam Bilker-Koivula, The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute
e-mail: mirjam.bilker-koivula [at]


Gudmundur Valsson, The National Land Survey of Iceland
e-mail: gudmundur [at]