Geodynamics and Earth Observation

Working Group of Geodynamics and Earth Observation (WGGEO) – General

Chair of the Working Group: Holger Steffen, Lantmäteriet, Sweden,

The keywords of WGGEO are:

  • Absolut gravimetry/relative gravity/superconducting gravimetry/satellite gravimetry
  • Temporal variation in gravity
  • Crustal deformation, tectonic processes, surface loading
  • Glacial isostatic adjustment (land uplift, postglacial rebound, corresponding sea-level change, glacially triggered faulting)
  • InSAR: application, active transponder/corner reflector networks
  • Environmental effects in geodetic observations, e.g. gravimetry, GNSS
  • Models of land uplift, glacial isostatic adjustment, 3D velocity field and strain rates

See our meeting minutes for an overview of our projects and activities.

Please contact the Chair if you would like to join the working group. You can also join the WGGEO’s mailing list here.