NGOS – Nordic Geodetic Observing System (2002-2010)

In 2002, the NKG presidium set up a Task Force with the mission to prepare a document providing the definition and draft for the implementation of the Nordic Geodetic Observing System (NGOS). The mandate was continued in the NKG General Assembly in Copenhagen 2006, the mission being to implement the NGOS plan in practice. The Nordic Geodetic Observing System integrates fundamental geodetic techniques for the long-term observation of Earth system parameters that are important in the context of change in and on our planet. The NGOS is an infrastructure for geodetic observations required for a wide range of scientific and practical applications both in the Nordic region and on global level. For the Nordic countries, a main focus will be on crustal motion, dynamics of glaciated areas and sea level.

Chairperson: Markku Poutanen (FI)

National contact persons:

DK: Per Knudsen

N: Svein Ola Thorsen, Ingunn Skei, Torbjorn Norbech (2002-2006), Hans-Peter Plag (2002-2006)

S: Mikael Lilje, Martin Lidberg, Hans-Georg Scherneck (2002-2006)


Report of the Nordic Geodetic Commission Task Force, May 2005: ngos.pdf

Presentation in NKG General Assembly, Copenhagen, 2006: ngos_Copenhagen.pdf

Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research, 2/2005