The Nordic Geodetic Commission – founded in 1953 – is an association of geodesists from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Its purpose is to give the members possibilities of fruitful gatherings and mutual exchange of professional views and experiences. The NKG is recognized and supported by a number of Nordic  organizations, such as the Director Generals of the Nordic Mapping Authorities. (See bylaws)

In order to forward its vision, the Commission arranges general meetings every 4 years, and summer schools also every 4 years, in one of the Nordic countries as the host. NKG is managed by a Presidium and the actual work is done in Working groups and Working group projects.

The NKG has the following Working groups:

WG of Geodynamics

WG of Geodetic Infrastructure

WG of Geoid and Height Systems

WG of Reference Frames, Positioning and Navigation