WG of Geodynamics

Working group of Geodynamics – General

Matthew Simpson, Norway, is the chair of the working group.

The working group keywords are:

  • Absolut gravimetry/Superconducting gravimetry/Satellite gravimetry
  • Temporal variation in gravity
  • Crustal deformation
  • Post glacial rebound/GIA

National contact persons:


Chairperson: Matthew Simpson, The Norwegian Mapping Authority
e-mail: Matthew.Simpson [at] kartverket.no

Dagny Lysaker, The Norwegian Mapping Authority
e-mail: Dagny.Lysaker [at] kartverket.no


Gabriel Strykowski, The National Space Institute, Technical University of Denmark
e-mail: gs [at] space.dtu.dk


Hannu Ruotsalainen, The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute
e-mail: hannu.ruotsalainen [at] nls.fi


Per-Anders Olsson, Lantmäteriet
e-mail: Per-Anders.Olsson [at] lm.se


Gudmundur Valsson, The National Land Survey of Iceland
e-mail: gudmundur [at] lmi.is

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