Working Group Meeting in Gävle, Sweden 2011

The meeting was held at Lantmäteriet in Gävle, Sweden May 30-31, 2011.



Scientific presentations


René Forsberg: North Sea geoid – NKG geoid – GOCE … time for an update?

Lars Sjöberg: Geodetic activities at KTH

Mirjam Bilker: Present status of the updating of the First Order Gravity Network of Finland (FOGN)

Tõnis Oja: The computation of new national (quasi)geoid model EST-GEOID2011 in Estonia

National reports

Denmark (DTU Space)

Denmark (KMS)

Estonia (Estonian Land Board)

Estonia (Levelling Network)



Norway (Geoid 1)

Norway (Geoid 2)

Norway (Height System)

Sweden (Geoid)

Sweden (Height system)



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