Other reports:

An NKG plan for the contribution from an absolute gravimetry network (NGGOS/AG).

Jaakko Mäkinen, FGI: Draft plan for absolute gravity campaigns in the Fennoscandian land uplift area. Proceedings of absolute and relative gravity campaigns 2003.

J. Mäkinen and M. Bilker, FGI: Absolute gravity measurements in Fennoscandia by the FGI in 2003.

L. Timmen and O. Gitlein, IfE: Experiences from the Absolute gravimetry campaigns 2003.

L. Timmen and O. Gitlein, IfE: Some remarks and explanations after the “IFE Absolute Gravity Campaigns 2003 in the Fennoscandian Land Uplift Area“.

A. Engfeldt, Lantmäteriet: The relative gravity campaign on the 63 degree line 2003.


Annual reports:

G. Strykowski, KMI: Annual Report 2003

A. Engfeldt, M. Lidberg, M. Lilje, A. Olsson, Lantmäteriet: Annual Report 2003

H.-G. Scherneck et al.: OSO Annual Report 2003

B.R. Pettersen et al.: NLH Annual Report 2003

Short activity report for 2003-2004

OSO Annual Report 2002

OSO Annual Report 2001

FGI Annual Report 2001

Iceland Annual Report 2000

FGI Annual Report 2000

OSO Annual Report 1999 – 2000