Working Group of Positioning and Navigation

Per Knudsen, Denmark, is the Chair of this working group.
The working group keywords are:

  • Real-time positioning (dGPS, RTK, PPP)
  • Positioning/navigation services
  • New GNSSs and modernisation
  • Quality checking / monitoring
  • Making reference frames and vertical reference systems available to users

National contact persons:


Chairperson: Per Knudsen, The National Space Institute, Technical University of Denmark.
e-mail: pk [at]

Casper Jepsen, The Danish Geodata Agency
e-mail: caj [at]


Hannu Koivula, The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute
e-mail: hannu.koivula [at]


Thorarinn Sigurdsson, The National Land Survey of Iceland
e-mail: thorarinn [at]

Gudmundur Valsson, The National Land Survey of Iceland
e-mail: gudmundur [at]


Reidun Kittelsrud, The Norwegian Mapping Authority
e- mail: Reidun.Kittelsrud [at]

Tor-Ole Dahlo, The Norwegian Mapping Authority
e-mail: Tor-Ole.Dahlo [at]

Jon Glenn Omholt Gjevestad, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
e-mail: jon.glenn.gjevestad [at]


Gunnar Hedling, Lantmäteriet
e-mail: Gunnar.Hedling [at]

Anna Jensen, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
e-mail: anna.jensen [at]